Cei care uită trecutul sunt condamnaţi să îl repete (George Santayana, 1863-1952)
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Copiile româno-chirilice de secol XVIII ale Cărții Ocolnița (1488) și extrasului actului de danie (1383)

Tatiana ONILOV

The study introduces and edits two different copies containing Rășinari’s Cartea Ocolnița („book” of the Rășinari village borders) of 1488, both copies being written in Romanian language with Cyrillic letters. After a few considerations regarding the way in which the old Slavonic Cyrillic letters (that differ from the Russian letters used today) can be reproduced best with the help of soft programmes, the author exposes: 1) the more detailed and dated copy preserved at the National Archives in Sibiu, including Cartea Ocolnița (22 May 1488) and the extract from the deed of donation (7 January 1383) in Romanian-Cyrillic, while the dates of both documents, as well as a final sentence indicating the scribe (copyst) Petru Cazan, priest in Rășinari and notary of the church synod, are written in Latin; 2) the more simple, incomplete and undated copy of Cartea Ocolnița, preserved in the Church Museum at the Bishop House in Rășinari. When doing the transcription and transliteration of the two copies, the author was counseled by the Slavonic expert Eugeniu Lazăr, scientific researcher from the National History Museum of Romania in Bucharest, who also suggested several investigation and interpretation hypotheses. Even if the original document was not found yet, it can be assumed that there existed even more copies in circulation. In the study’s annex, the copy from Sibiu and that from Rășinari are reproduced in transcription with Cyrillic letters and transliteration with Latin letters, and are critically edited.
Rășinari, Romanian-Cyrillic copies, 18th century, Cartea Ocolnița, 1488, extract from a deed of donation, 1383